Photo by Nathan G

Mitchell Richtmyre’s experience as an artist began when he found enjoyment in doing simple doodles with a pencil on any paper he had in front of him. Mitchell then ventured into a new form of art different than what he had been used to; this being Photography. He learned quickly that he can follow a career in his favorite sport of auto racing and after one race in January 2020, Mitchell followed this path of motorsport photography. He was inspired by photographers such as Jamey Price and Darren Heath, among many others, researching how they produce their work, even talking to them personally. Mitchell creates colorful photos while also expressing the speed in motorsports by using the technique of panning. Panning shows the art of racing, by only focusing on the car with the background being blurry, it allows the design of the car to be shown. Mitchell continues his journey and currently attends weekly races to grow his portfolio and test different techniques of photography.  

Mitchell Richtmyre has had a variety of clients and worked with a number of people to share photos. He has been to 50+ racing events and 30+ sporting events from his time doing photography so far. Mitchell works with a college organization called Student Media to provide photos to Fourth Estate, Voices of Mason, and Mason Votes, to name a few. He also works alongside Jonathan Rumple, Deacon Greenfield, Jamison Huffman, Alex Seymour, and Other Various Drivers to provide the best photos. He has gone to tracks from Summit Point, West Virginia, to Daytona International Speedway, Flordia. He has been to sporting games like Soccer, Football to even Basketball. He has media credentials from A10 NCAA Basketball, NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship Tournament, and NASCAR. With NASCAR credentials, he works to provide photos for The Podium Finish to enhance their amazing articles.  

Photo By Darin M